Top 20 Woodworking Designs

1. Stump Table – Robert Hall

woodworking stump table

This rustic looking stump table created by Robert has a very unique design, made with a number of Stihl power tools. The stump running through the middle is unfinished giving the table a very natural look.

This table would work great indoors or outside on your patio. Great design Robert!

Check out some other designs and cool photos on Robert’s Flickr page.

2. Front Steps – Andrew Henwood

woodworking front steps

These front steps look to be made with the finest craftsmanship. Although they’re not stained yet, we can only imagine how great this finished product will look. We also love the traditional black steel railing Andrew choose for this project and think it complements the steps well. Great work Andrew!

Check out some other photos of the steps before completion on Andrew’s Flickr page.

3. Bamboo Pub Table – JMX Bamboo

woodworking photo

This wonderful handmade bamboo pub table by JMX Bamboo was created with all eco-friendly material. JMX uses old world construction techniques while crafting wonderful new world designs.

We love the wine shelving on this feature table as it not only serves a practical use but also adds to the overall appearance. Cool Design!

Check out some other cool designs on JMX Bamboo’s Flickr page.

4. Sideboard – Bioforme

fun woodworking pics

This sideboard by Bioforme is an extremely distinctive and fun design. It is like nothing we have seen before and looks like it could be straight out of the Flintstones.

However, we absolutely love the craftsmanship and uniqueness that Bioforme brings with this piece and think this sideboard could really brighten up a room!

Check out some other fun furniture on Bioforme’s Flickr page.

5. Coffee Table – John Romadka
woodworking coffee table

This superb white oak mission-style coffee table was handmade by John. John enjoys working with his hands and has recently been enthralled by woodworking. He believes every piece of wood has it’s own character, personality, and story that’s waiting to be told. Magnificent table John!

Make sure to view some other cool projects on John’s Flickr page.

6. Bamboo iphone Case – GroveMade

woodworking iphone case

We absolutely love these one of a kind bamboo iphone cases by GroveMade. Grove is a Portland-based company lead by Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita specializing in making bamboo iphone cases. Their goal is to bring art into everyday life and with these inventive iphone cases they have definitely done that!

Make sure you check out some more photos of these cool cases at GroveMade’s Flickr page.

7. Cutting Board – R.G. Daniel

woodworking cutting board

This cutting board created by R.G. is just over an inch thick and was constructed using four different species of wood. The stripey look and precise craftsmanship are what we really like about this piece.

It would give character and look great on almost any kitchen counter top. Great work R.G.!

Check out some other great woodworking projects on R.G.’s Flickr page.

8. Tool Chest –

woodworking chest

This tool chest is a completed Machinist’s Chest as detailed from plans in the 183rd issue of the Woodsmith Plan.

The green, felt interior and silver knobs help add a hardy feel to the chest. When closed, it’s compact, portable and, most importantly, useful! You can even order a kit from John and build it yourself!

Check out some other chests on John’s Flickr page.

9. Computer Desk – Jacquelyn

woodworking desk

You’ve never seen a computer desk as a work of art until you’ve seen the computer desk designed by Jacquelyn. A feat of engineering, artwork and beauty. The energy flows from the wood’s lines and we’re sure that working in this desk inspires creative, dedicated work. If we had a desk designed like that, Get-Powertools.Com would probably have thousands of pages instead of hundreds.

Be sure to further admire Jacquelyn’s work at her Flickr page.

10. Platform Bed Frames – Vincent

woodworking bed

Vincent makes one of a kind platform beds out of red mahogany. The beauty in his work is subtle. Arches at the base’s frame and the deep red color adds a touch of class to this fine design. Vincent’s unique and classy bed frames can be seen in all his work. He even has desgined a platform bed frame with orange lights emitted from beneath. These guys are made for a bachelor pad.

Check out Vincent’s quality woodworking skills on his Flickr page.

11. Walnut & Steel Console – Anonymous

This console made of walnut and steel would look fantastic either in an entryway, bedroom, or dining room–especially with a steel frame mirror above it. This console has steel handles & a steel base, with a black patina finish. The black finish elegantly compliments the rich color of the walnut wood.

12. Log Home Oak Kitchen – Pete

woodworking kitchen

All of us over at Get-Powertools had to pick our jaws off the floor when we saw Pete’s custom, oak kitchen. The mastery that went into designing and building this kitchen is something we all aspire to as woodworkers.

We can’t say enough about this. Go check it out yourself at Pete’s Flickr account.


13. Deck – Medium Control

woodworking deck

With most decks these days looking typical, it sure is a breath of fresh air to see a unique perspective on a century’s old idea.

Medium Control’s white cedar deck used untrimmed planks, which add amazing character and flair to this deck. Simplicity and actually doing LESS work can make a standard deck into something unique.

Be sure to check out more pictures for yourself on their Flickr account.

14. Table – Alan

woodworking table

What a work of art this table is. From the motion in the base, the black circles around the support, the precision cuts–this is one work of art.

We really love the rich tones from the finish used on the alder table. Thanks for a beautiful piece of art, Alan!

Check out more photos of the table from Alan’s Flickr stream.

15. Table – Carl Joseph

We absolutely love the wrap around legs on this exceptional table created by Carl. It is a very simple design yet still very pleasing to the eye.

Carl who resides in Melbourne, Australia got the inspiration for this table from a design by fellow Australian Kaleo Kala. Thanks for this wonderful table Carl!

Go check out some more of Carl’s work on his blog.


16. Office Shelving – Scott and Susan Oakley
woodworking shelving

Scott and Susan of Oak Studio of Design created this fine piece of art. We admire the great detail and design that went into this piece, from the frieze to the cabinet doors. What a wonderful addition to a home office. Great work Scott and Susan!

Be sure to check out some more Susan’s work at her Flickr stream.


17. Seven Drawer Cabinet – Robin Tucker
woodworking mosaics

Robin created this cabinet by using over 1500 pieces of wood all cut into either diamond of triangle shapes. He also used a variety of different woods from all over the world ranging from Pink Ivory from South Africa to Satinwood from Sri Lanka. Wow!

The mosaic designs on this cabinet are what make it truly amazing and we can’t even begin to imagine how much time and effort Robin put into this piece. Great work Robin!

Be sure to look at some of Robin’s other cool mosaic designs on his Flickr page.

18. Horse Sculpture – David

woodworking sculpture

David specializes in the creation and restoration of wooden artwork and architectural features.

This massive horse head sculpture is absolutely amazing and would certainly add character to any backyard. Tremendous work David!

Check out some more of David’s wooden sculptures on his Flickr page.



19. Sideboard – English Classics

woodworking sideboard

This Victorian carved oak sideboard by English Classics is a true piece of art. The immense carvings and detail that have gone into this piece make it one of a kind.

This piece would give a definite antique flare to any room in the house.

Make sure to check out some more English reproduction and antique furniture onEnglish Classics’ Flickr page.


20. Stools – Craig Anczelowitz
woodworking stools

These mango and acacia wood stools created by Craig are very simple yet all extremely unique to one another. Craig who now lives and works in Thailand does a variety of woodworking and much of his inspiration comes from the Thai culture. We love your work Craig!

Check out some of Craig’s other woodwork and some cool ceramics on his Flickr page.

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