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Expert ratings of the worst & best Ryobi portable table saw. Reviews include Ryobi BTS20, BTS 21 & other Ryobi table saws versus to Bosch, DeWalt, Stihl & more.

The Ryobi portable table saw is an example of the benefits of having the right tool for the job and location.

Ryobi specializes in making tools that are easy to use, durable, cutting edge, and all at a cost that won’t max out your tool budget.

The Ryobi BTS 20 and Ryobi BTS 21 are perfect table saws, but in the world of portable saws they have a much bigger upside than the flaws that they posses.

Ryobi Portable Table Saw Reviews & Features

  • Extending table with 27” rip capacity – one of the largest for a portable table saw in the industry
  • Extended support table for cutting long pieces of wood
  • Storage for rip fence and miter fence
  • Dust collection system
  • Sliding miter table with fence

The specs for the saw include:

  • 120 volt/15 amp motor
  • 10” blade diameter
  • 2 ½ “ deep cut at 45 degrees
  • 3 ½ “ deep cut at zero degrees
  • 30” rip capacity on the right of blade
  • 7” rip capacity on the left
  • 5K rpm
  • 82.5 lbs

Performance Rating of Ryobi Table Saws

The Ryobi table saw has its good qualities and some drawbacks. Now remember this is a portable table saw so it’s not going to be as powerful as non-portable units.

However, the Ryobi BTS20 was the only one that was able to cut through a 4×4 with one pass. The Ryobi BTS21 did as well.

When they say portable they really mean it. It folds down very easily and the wheels can navigate even though rough and muddy terrain. It is very easy to unload and load onto a truck even for one person, although it’s much easier with a buddy.

Height adjustments are harder on the Ryobi portable table saw because it uses wheels for the bevel and height. But it makes the cuts much more precise than the standard gravity bevel and weight adjustment systems typically found on other portable table saws.

The Ryobi portable table saw is about the best portable saw out there. It is truly portable and easily stored in the back of a truck and can be taken just about anywhere.

The performance is not quite as good as a non-portable table saw but it comes pretty close.

If you’re in the market for a portable table saw check out the Ryobi BTS 20 or the Ryobi BTS21 as both can be found at a great price and perform very well.

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