Best DeWalt Right Angle Drills: Reviews of DeWalt 90 Degree Drills

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Discover the best DeWalt right angle drills as our experts rate and review DeWalt cordless right angle drill kits & standard DeWalt 90 degree drills.

Best DeWalt Right Angle Drills: Why Choose One

The Dewalt right angle drill comes as a cordless power tool and although is a little more expensive than the power corded machine provides a great deal of value for your money.  Not having a power cord provides convenience when working on a jobsite that lacks a power source. 

Many construction sites are primitive and electricity is not hooked up, so it is important to be self sufficient.  Using a battery pack and charger to keep your drill charged allows you to be ready at anytime and anyplace. 

The cordless feature also allows you to move around freely at the construction site and not be confined to an area only as long as your cord.

DeWalt Cordless Right Angle Drill Kit

The kit includes the following:

  • A heavy duty box or kit box that houses the drill and all components.  The kit is sturdy and can be taken with you to construction sites.  The kit is made of hard cased plastic that will withstand a few bumps and bangs on the job site.  The kit box protects the drill and batteries from being smashed or damaged.  The kit box is also a convenient way to store your drill and sits nicely on the shelf in your workshop or trailer. 
  • A one hour charger is included with the drill and provides the convenience and ability to keep your drill powered up at all times.  When out of use it is good to get into the habit of recharging the battery or you could get out to a job site with no power for your drill.
  • Compact batteries come with the kit box and consist of the same voltage as your right angle drill.  For instance, if your drill is the 14.4 volt cordless right angle drill then your battery will be 14.4 volts.  Voltage cannot be mismatched as this is how you power your drill.
  • The cordless right angle drill of course is the main component of the kit box.  The power drill is great to use in confined or tight spaces and is a highly durable and versatile power tool.  The cordless feature allows for convenience when moving around the jobsite.

The Dewalt right angle drill attachment

The right angle drill attachment for the Dewalt machine provides convenience when working in a tight space where mobility is restricted.  Some areas do not allow for larger tool and free moving work, so the right angle drill attachment allows for work in a tight and restrictive space. 

Some construction workers desire an even tighter workspace allowance but the attachment does not allow for it.  This seems to be the only flaw.

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